Violaquartet in concert (Haus Tanne)
All artists of the concert (Bad Buchau)
celloensemble during intermission (Festhalle)
all violists in concert (Festhalle)
concert at the German Hat Museum
Artistic director at the Gallus Chapel
concert in Bad Buchau
our pianists at the German Hat Museum
Final concert (Festhalle)
our teachers Prof. Christoph Schickedanz, Prof. Jan Ickert and Prof. Roland Glassl

Participant concert at Haus Tanne, Isny-Eisenbach, 2023

In 2023, the concert could finally take place again in the traditional way in the Saletl from Haus Tanne.

This is followed by the traditional fine meal in the Salettl from Haus Tanne. All musicians are happy and grateful for such a great all-round support!

The program can be found here.

Haus Tanne
painful stage preparation
In memoriam Franz Renner
In memoriam Franz Renner
In memoriam Franz Renner (2022)
warming up
dress rehearsal
Speech Roland Glassl
Speech Roland Glassl
Important note
In memoriam Franz Renner
Katharina Graf, Violoncello
Kyrillos Volkov, Viola
Anton Grebennikov, Violine
Ionel Ungureanu, Viola
Korbinian Seibold, Violoncello
Gaeun Song, Viola
Gaeun Song, Viola
Charlotte Henckel, Violoncello
Yunhe Tang, Violine
Yunhe Tang, Violine
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