Violaquartet in concert (Haus Tanne)
All artists of the concert (Bad Buchau)
celloensemble during intermission (Festhalle)
all violists in concert (Festhalle)
concert at the German Hat Museum
Artistic director at the Gallus Chapel
concert in Bad Buchau
our pianists at the German Hat Museum
Final concert (Festhalle)
our teachers Prof. Christoph Schickedanz, Prof. Jan Ickert and Prof. Roland Glassl

Participants concert at the Gallus Chapel 2023

After several years, we were again able to hold a participant concert in the wonderful Gallus Chapel. A very special place, which was also quickly sold out.

The program can be found here.

Relaxation before the concert
Final instructions from the maestro
Nothing works without him: Karl-Anton Maucher
The maestro speaks
Ernesto Fernandéz, Violoncello
In good moods
The teachers relaxed
in good moods
...when not performing
Ionel Ungureanu
Viktoriia Mendzhul
Carla Usberti (Viola)
Ernesto Fernandéz, Violoncello
Kyrillos Volkov, Viola
Alma Triller, Violoncello
Ionel Ungureanu, Viola
Yunhe Tang, Violin
all artists
all artists